Oh Boy! - Hook + Dagger
Oh Boy! - Hook + Dagger
Oh Boy! - Hook + Dagger

Oh Boy!

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"Oh boy, Minnie!"

- Mr. Mouse

This old mouse is turning 90 this year! Can you believe it? He looks so good for his age. I wonder what his skin care regimine is? Whatever it is, we just had to do something to celebrate this historic event. We took the Big Cheese's catch phrase and gave it 90's twist for his 90th birthday party, and printed it on a vintage style ringer shirt.

These ringers dont fit like your typical ringer. The sleeves don't uncomfortably squeeze your arms, and the collar doesn't try to strangle you. These fit really similarly to a normal t-shirt, but just have these additional cuffs on them for style. They are way more comfortable than you could have ever imagined!

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These are printed on unisex super comfortable, 100% cotton shirts that are perfect for any time of the year.